If you have a small house or small areas in your house, you’ll know how hard it is to keep it tidy. No sooner have you tidied one corner, another pile of mess reappears. This is often because there is not enough storage room in a small house, and many spaces serve multiple functions.

However, if you’re sick of tidying every day, here are some ways to make optimise your home. These spaces require more of a strategy, and clever storage solutions. Here are just a few things you might want to try when optimising small spaces within your home.

Mirrors are the greatest optical illusion that are woefully underused. Placed near a light source, be that a lamp or a window, they can make the space look much bigger. Play around with different shapes and sizes, maybe even creating a pattern with a collection of small mirrors.

Clever storage
Storage is the name of the game when it comes to organising small spaces. With so many multifunctional pieces of furniture available, including shelves that magically transform into dining tables, sofas that become cosy beds in the blink of an eye and tables that also function as storage units, invest in some of these pieces and enjoy more space as a result.

You can also go further and convert a small space into a walk-in wardrobe! Perfect for someone who has more clothes than their space will allow, you don’t need oceans of space to design an efficient walk-in-wardrobe. Opt for sliding doors on your wardrobes or closet for added efficiency.

Minimalist design
Logic dictates that the more things you own, the greater the chance of mess. Declutter your life and embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Go through your house and get rid things of things that you no longer need. It might be painful at first, but this process of decluttering will make the house feel a whole lot lighter.

Keep the pretty ornaments to a minimum and try to only buy things that have an actual use. If they have multiple uses, even better!

Neutral tones
Pair your new minimalist design with some neutral tones. Greys, creams, browns and beiges automatically bring an aura of calm to your home and make it feel more spacious and airier than it actually is. Whilst dark colours bring a feeling of heaviness and cosiness, a neutral colour scheme will bring a calm serenity to your home.

Don’t neglect certain areas of your home
We’re all guilty of allowing the cupboard-under-the-stairs to run into disarray. Keep it tidy and organised, assigning it as the space to store big coats and outdoor wear. This will keep these cumbersome articles out of the share living space.