We have 5 magazines which are delivered by Royal Mail across the Surrey Hills and into West Sussex and North East Hampshire, with a total circulation of 125,080 copies monthly.

Print advertising

Prices for advertising in the Business Card section of VantagePoint starts at just £25 + vat per month (1/16th page box for a 6 month series booking) and advertising a Display Advert in the main part of the magazine among editorial content, advertising starts from just £75 + vat per month (1/8th page box for a 6 month series).

If you are interested in advertising with us, please email the VantagePoint Advertising Team here and let us know what is your type of business, where your business is based, which geographical editions you are considering advertising in, and also the sizes of adverts that you are interested in. Please make sure that you also leave a contact number.

We have a FREE ADVERT DESIGN SERVICE, so we can set your artwork for you, so no need to go to expensive artwork designers.

Online and social media

Both existing and new advertisers can take advantage of our monthly Your View email, which go out to more than 27,000 email subscribers. Please click here for more information.

See below for some questions frequently asked by advertisers


Can I book an advert in more than one edition?
Yes, you have the flexibility to advertise your business in as few or as many editions as you like, insertion prices are discounted the more editions and the more months you book for.
Why should I use you rather than other local publications?
We are very careful to make sure that our magazines always have 50% editorial content to make them a good read for the reader. As the only locally based team offering Royal mail delivery, we also make sure that we feature local community information which is what we find that local people are interested in, and by using the Royal Mail, we have their guarantee of delivery to the widest number of local homes.
What audience do you reach?
VantagePoint is delivered by the Royal Mail to all residential properties within our five distribution areas, reaching over 125,000 local homes.

• 49% of this local population are male, 51% are female.
• 60.4% of this population are aged 18-64, 21.1% are aged 65+

The areas we cover are some of the most affluent in England, ‘wealthy and healthy’, with higher than average levels of owner occupancy, very low unemployment rates, and very low levels of long term sick.

• Home owner occupancy is 16.5% higher than the England average.
• There are 68.8% more detached/bungalow properties (37.8%) in our area than the England average of 22.4%.
• The low unemployment rate in our distribution area (2.5%) is 43.2% lower than the England average of 4.4%.
• The long term sickness and disabled rate in our distribution area (2%) is half that of the England average of 4%.

Source of all statistics surreyi.gov.uk