For a generation too often forgotten, the opportunity to learn an instrument later in life can offer numerous health, wellbeing and social benefits. Many senior citizens witnessed the global emergence of music including; jazz, pop, folk, blues, ballads, musical theatre and rock, but missed out on the joy of playing their favourite songs due to the barrier of having to read traditional music.

However, times have changed and there is now an easy-to-use piano method that breaks down these barriers. DecPlay makes the whole process of playing the piano simple – from beginners through to more advanced playing. For those without a piano, the resource provides instructions on accessing one at low cost. There is a vibrant and thriving online community to meet like-minded friends and access support from a dedicated team in a fun environment.

Designed with wellbeing in mind, DecPlay is also accessible to those with conditions such as arthritis, low sight and dyslexia. Named ‘DecPlay’ after its creator Declan Cosgrove, the course is already a hit with those aged 50-90+. A free starter lesson is available for those who want to give DecPlay a go! By following this link: you can get a taste of the course simply by entering your email address.

Various students’ stories are a testament to the heart-warming ways in which DecPlay can enhance people’s lives. Harry, aged 90, was able to play a full tune within just 30 minutes of starting and continues to build his repertoire. Following a stroke, the simplicity of the DecPlay method allowed Jean (left), also in her 90s, to play with confidence! Six decades after giving it up, Mike has rediscovered the joy of piano playing through DecPlay and is learning fast – alongside his grandchildren! Many others like Harry, Jean and Mike have found similar success that, before DecPlay, they never knew was possible.

Declan Cosgrove is a classically trained musician and IT entrepreneur. After hearing years of complaints from friends who struggled with traditional methods of learning piano, he created DecPlay to bypass this and ensure accessibility for seniors. Declan’s step-by-step videos can be accessed using a computer, tablet or mobile phone and the song sheets can be viewed online or printed out, so players can progress at their own pace.

In his own words, Declan’s vision was to “…set out to make the joys of playing piano accessible to everyone, especially those who doubted they would ever learn. The rewards of watching senior citizens achieve lifelong dreams and a new purpose has made this journey more worthwhile than I could have ever hoped for.”

There is a free beginners video lesson available, just visit:

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