Electric cars are becoming more common on roads throughout the UK these days. The government has set out a plan to end the sales of diesel and petrol cars by 2030. Due to this announcement, some drivers in the UK are contemplating switching to electric cars. So far, there are a few car owners across the UK that have already made the transition from diesel and petrol cars to electric. However, there are many who have yet to switch or even consider it, including yourself.

There are many appealing factors that can entice a car owner to switch, and these are a few of them.

Better For The Planet
Understandably, one of the biggest selling points to entice people into buying electric cars is that they are better for the environment. Finding ways to be greener remains a dominant feature in the news. Electric cars emit less pollution in comparison to diesel and petrol cars. These pollutants that diesel and petrol cars produce are contributors to rising emission levels. Additionally, those that live in London, commute there or visit often and drive an electric vehicle will be pleased to know that they are exempt from the London Congestion Charge. Something worth considering!

Cheaper Option To Run
Naturally, you will be thinking about the costs involved. Of course, the initial cost of an electric car can be off-putting. However, if you look at the difference long term, electric cars are more affordable to run compared to diesel and petrol cars. With fewer mechanical parts used, this helps to reduce any mechanical costs to repair any faults. The cost to charge an electric car is still cheaper compared to filling a car with diesel or petrol. However, the time it takes to charge an electric car is the deterrent some have about making the switch. LV ElectriX goes into greater detail about charge times for an electric car, highlighting how the time it takes depends on the vehicle itself. As such, the time it takes can vary from 5 to 12 hours. Now that you see it doesn’t take as long as initially expected, perhaps the lower costs involved will entice you more to make the switch.

Improved Driving Experience
One factor new electric car drivers will highlight after making the switch is the difference in the driving experience. As the majority of electric cars are electric, one thing you will notice about the interiors is how spacious they feel. During a test drive, you might notice how quiet it is. In fact, the only noise you might hear from the car, aside from the radio, is the faint sound from the motor – a dream when driving long distances! As this sound is faint, you might not hear it over the music and people chattering. Other features that help to improve the driving experience include that they are quite fast and can accelerate quickly.

Have the above tempted you to consider making the switch? If so, you will join the rising number of electric car owners driving in the UK. Making this switch could help you to improve your driving experience whilst helping you to protect the planet – both of which are enticing reasons to switch!