Pharmacy work can be incredibly rewarding. You get to choose between a broad variety of different professional settings, from small rural pharmacies all the way to more intense hospital locations. 

If you’re not sure where it is that you want to work yet, you don’t have to make a fixed decision – you can work as a locum pharmacist, exploring the job market until you find somewhere that’s just right for you. Below, we explore where you should start looking for locum pharmacist jobs

Locum pharmacist agencies
Your first stop (and hopefully your last) when it comes to finding locum pharmacy jobs should be a locum pharmacy agency who specialises in placements for the type of work you’re looking for.

You can simply give them your CV and tell them what kinds of roles you’re looking to go for, and they’ll let you know as soon as an availability comes up. Once you find an agency that you get along with, you’ll likely find that they’re able to get you all the work you need.

Online jobs sites
If you want to look for positions yourself, then you can take a look at online job portals such as LinkedIn and Indeed. These kinds of sites will often post a wide range of different locum pharmacist positions across the country an even internationally. With a little bit of diligence, you’ll be able to find positions that suit you to a T.

Pharmacist job boards
While you can absolutely look on more general job sites like the ones listed above, you might find that you have more luck identifying locum pharmacist vacancies on specific pharmacist job boards. Take a look on the websites of professional pharmacy associations, such as the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), for any openings.

Your professional network
The longer you work as a pharmacist, the larger your professional network will grow. While this will happen naturally, you need to make sure that you make a little effort to ensure that you stay connected. Use sites such as LinkedIn to keep in contact, and you’ll likely find that people will reach out to you when they hear of a locum role that might suit your skill set and specific experiences. 

Reaching out directly
If there’s somewhere that you particularly want to work, then you can always reach out and contact the company directly. They might not have any official openings at that time, but they may need a little extra assistance on an ad hoc basis, perfect for someone looking for locum pharmacy work. Even if they don’t need anyone at that moment, at least you’ll be on their professional radar, and they’ll be more likely to reach out should an opening come up.

These are a few of the most common ways of getting a locum pharmacist job, but they’re not the only ways. You’ll likely find that you hear about job opportunities in the most surprising settings, whether in your local cafe or from your old school friend. Make sure that you constantly keep your eyes on a number of different resources, and don’t be afraid to reach out to professional contacts.