While summer is a wonderful time of year, many of us love the soft approach of autumn. With temperatures becoming a little bit more bearable, and the colours around us turning to all sorts of gorgeous hues, it can be a great time to reflect on your approach to home decor and prepare your environment for winter. For those looking to create a cosy home for the longer nights ahead, here’s how to use prints and wall art to create a lovely autumnal environment.

Go with your favourite autumnal colours
When we think of autumn, one of the first things that often comes to mind is the unique colours that nature starts to create. From vibrant yellows to deep, calming reds, nature in autumn is a truly wonderful place to seek inspiration. Go for a walk in your favourite local park or your nearest forest, and seek inspiration for colours you want to integrate into your rooms with quality decorative homeware from somewhere like The Sculpts.

Natural patterns and motifs
In addition to colour, you can think about introducing some beautiful autumnal patterns and motifs into your approach to home decor. Whether that’s the pattern of a Beech tree leaf or a motif inspired by foxes or pumpkins, there’s no right or wrong answer as to what you should go for. 

Go to local markets
The chances are that you’re not the only one that gets inspired during those autumnal months. It’s a great time to go to local markets and see what artists in your area are creating. You’ll likely find a range of autumn-inspired prints, sculptures and paintings, some of which might look just wonderful in your home.

Autumnal textiles
When trying to create a cosy environment, don’t forget about introducing a softer, practical element to your rooms. Look at cosy, autumnal-inspired throws and blankets, that you can hang off chairs or throw over sofas. Not only can they look amazing, but they’ll also be great to wrap yourself up in when it starts getting a little colder outside.

Create your own art
Don’t forget that you can create some of your own, autumn-inspired art pieces. Whether you feel inspired to paint the view from your bedroom window, or dry and press some pretty leaves that you found while out on a walk, don’t be afraid to take the artistic process into your own hands for a change.

Rich textures
Finally, while colour is obviously important, texture is equally crucial when it comes to creating a cosy autumnal vibe in your home. Try to choose deep, expressive textures that add a sense of depth to your home, to create an atmosphere that really embraces your personal interests.

We hope that you’ll take these pointers as inspiration to truly revamp your approach to home decor. Embrace the seasonal change, and try to bring some of the beautiful natural colours and textures of autumn into your home. With the cold, darker months ahead, we reckon that you’ll really appreciate having a nice place to curl up and relax.