The property sector can often be a crowded market, so it’s important to ensure your rental property stands out amongst the rest. Plus, you’ll want to ensure your property is a worthwhile investment, and there are many ways to maximise your rent.

Kitchen and bathroom
As a landlord, it’s crucial to make the kitchen and bathroom appear desirable, as your tenants will consistently spend the most time in these areas. By ensuring these are clean and well-presented, your tenants will be more willing to spend a little extra to stay in a hygienic property.

These rooms will typically become worn out over time compared to other areas of the house, especially as they are used on a daily basis. Keeping them properly maintained will help to optimise your property’s rental value.

Extra room
Space can often come at a premium, so having an extra room in your rental could make all the difference. Whether you can turn this added luxury into another bedroom or a home office, it will be sure to grab the attention of potential tenants.

Consider converting the loft or adding an extension to not only grow your rental income but to increase your property’s overall value.

It’s all about the look
A neutral interior can help your property look fresh and clean. If you have tenants moving in and out of your rental, be sure to give the place a fresh coat of paint between each tenant so there are no scuffs or marks left on the walls.

Additionally, it’s good to invest in durable, high-quality furniture that will last for years to come, removing the likelihood of any replacements.

Additional extras
Beat the competition by offering additional luxuries that other properties may not have. This could include a large outdoor space for your tenants to enjoy in the summer months, or installing high-speed broadband that makes working from home that little bit easier.

Building a driveway will be sure to attract tenants, especially if parking is difficult in the area. Or, consider installing a security system to make your tenants feel safe in the property.

Consider the area
It’s good to think about the area before purchasing a buy-to-let property. If it’s close to a town or city centre with convenient transport links, it will appear more desirable to tenants. Properties that are located further out can make it more difficult for those who rely on public transport.

Also, decide on which tenant you’re looking to appeal to most. If it’s families, perhaps choosing somewhere that is close to a school and local amenities will help attract them. Or, if it’s students, properties within the city centre or within close proximity to a university will likely grab their attention.