Things don’t always go to plan when working in construction. Obstacles can arise throughout the project or vital components to begin the work can take longer than expected.

We’ll be discussing the top five common issues when working in construction and how you can prevent them.

Extra costs
You might get caught out by additional unforeseen costs during your project. Perhaps you’ve had your tools stolen overnight or something gets damaged in the process.

Always make sure that you are well prepared before you start work and have the appropriate materials to get the job done. Also, make sure to put some additional budget aside, just in case the project doesn’t quite go to plan.

Poor communication
There are several parties involved when it comes to conducting a construction project, so communication must be clear between all. Failure to do so can lead to confusion and inefficiencies within the project.

The appropriate contracts and agreements should be drawn up before the start of the project and everyone involved must be clear about what is going on and who is doing what.

Building regulations and safety requirements should also be clear to all workers and they must know who to report to in the event of an accident.

Construction workers often have to deal with vandalism and theft, which can cause serious inconvenience and frustration to the progression of a project.

That’s why it’s important to have the appropriate measures in place to prevent the likelihood of these events occurring. You could take out builders’ insurance to protect yourself from theft or any damage to public property.

You could also construct proper fencing around the site and install security cameras to help catch the suspects.

Layout issues
Sometimes the site might not be big enough for suppliers to unload their products, and the limited space could cause layout problems.

To prevent this, ensure all staff clear up after themselves to create as much clear space as possible. You can also stagger delivery times so that not everyone is unloading at the same time.

In addition, fence off a separate area for cars to park away from the site so no one can easily block the entryway for suppliers and machinery to come in and out.

Bad weather
Adverse weather conditions can bring a construction project to a halt, whether it’s rain, snow, or extreme temperatures. These can compromise deadlines, and onsite safety and cause a risk to finances.

Ensure to plan for all scenarios before construction starts to prepare for the worst. Carry out a risk assessment to help take damage control and reduce the level of impact that the weather could have on the project.