The Community Foundation for Surrey believes that winter poverty is the catastrophe about to happen. Many people are struggling to meet the cost of high energy bills this winter. 

Although Surrey is one of the best places to live in the UK, there is a hidden side to the county. Unknown to many of us, there are pockets of deprivation and places of hidden need. But did you know that many people, especially children, are living in poverty in the county? We need to act now.

From Aug 2020 to Aug 2021, we experienced a 400% increase in grants awarded to support poverty and disadvantage compared to previous years.  

Some worrying statistics that we should be aware of

  • Did you know that 23,000 children in Surrey are impacted by income deprivation? And in the worst affected areas, parts of Westborough ward (Guildford), and Walton North ward (Elmbridge) it’s a disturbing situation. Over 40% of children are affected. (1).
  • Are you aware that 8% of Surrey’s older people are affected by income deprivation? But if you live in the worst affected areas, parts of Goldsworth East and Maybury & Sheerwater wards (both in Woking), it’s a different picture. Over 40% are affected. (1) 
  • If you live in the most deprived areas, your life expectancy is 5.8 years lower for men and 4.7 years lower for women than in the least deprived areas of Surrey. (2.) 
  • From research in 2022, we can see that “Poverty and child poverty in particular, has been rising in every district and borough in the county for the past five years.”  (3.) 
  • In 2022 “Research into the experience of residents found that various new ‘regrettable strategies’ have emerged. If you as a parent are facing poverty, you may be struggling to cope. You may be significantly cutting back on food (61%) or skipping meals (26%). Or perhaps not replacing children’s shoes (19%) and winter coats (14%). And possibly using debt to make ends meet (80%).” (3.) 
Please donate to our Winter Poverty Campaign 

We are delighted that Surrey County Council is supporting our Winter Poverty Campaign with a pledge to match fund any donations up to £130,000*. So for every £10 you donate, it will be doubled to £20.

Your donationwill be put towards awarding grants to local organisations that are actively helping those in poverty. Therefore you will help food banks, community fridges, warm hubs, baby banks, debt advice and energy advice. And urgent support providers will also benefit.

With your kind support, together we can combat poverty this winter in our community.

Make your donation online

Any donation of any size is really welcome. If you are fortunate not to need the £400 off your energy bill from the government’s Winter Fuel Payment, please consider donating it to our Winter Poverty Campaign. With Surrey County Council supporting the campaign, your donation doubles to £800. If you add Gift Aid to your £400, your donation grows to £1,000! You can donate at our online donation page. We will use your donation to award grants to organisations who are providing urgent help to those in economic crisis. Donate now

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