From the outside looking in, taking a picture isn’t all that hard. Just point and shoot, right? But there is a lot more to the process than it seems and taking a great portrait picture can be even tougher.

Renting photography studios in London can put you in the best position so that you can take the best possible portrait pictures. You can also follow a few helpful tips to become the portrait master that you’ve always been hoping to be.

Manual Zoom
There’s another term for this called “zoom with your feet” and it can sound confusing if you’ve never done it before. Whether you plan to take pictures on an amateur basis or want to start a business, being better at your craft is necessary.

Work on zooming without just adjusting your lens. Get familiar with moving around the studio, exploring angles, moving closer or further away from your subject, and see what happens. It can help you get a different perspective and understand that it is a matter of angles between a decent shot and a great one.

The Lens Matters
While you might not need to have the greatest camera of all-time to shoot a great picture, you do need to have a pretty decent one. There are a ton of different features on modern cameras, but the single most important component is the lens.

When you take portrait pics, make sure you have the right lens. The right lens can give you the ability to shoot entire scenes without having to be a mile away to do so. Even better, the right lens will ensure that there is no pixelation or loss of quality when you get further away or extremely close.

Lighting is Critical
Maybe the single most important aspect of being a photographer is having the right light. Even the slightest shadow can throw the entire picture off and capturing that light can be difficult depending on the setting. Being in a studio space, you can set up your own lighting to get it right every time.

Take your time and carefully maneuver the lighting rigs to get what you need. The best lighting will lead to a better-quality picture and leave you feeling happy and confident. Don’t stare at those shadows in frustration when you can use the lighting in a professional studio to get the best shot every single time.

Work with Your Subject
When shooting portrait pictures, you can’t just ask someone to stand there and expect to get the perfect shot. One of the secret tips to taking great portrait pictures is to connect with the subject and ask some questions that can bring out the emotion in them.

Getting that emotion can bring life to a picture. Even better, subjects that are visibly happy tend to take pictures that look a lot better in the end. Know the tone of the shoot and ask questions to get reactions in that direction.

Try Different Angles
Composition and exposure are two of the most critical aspects of getting the right shot. There are some basic rules to follow if you are just starting out but if you want to expand your horizons and get better shots, mix things up.

Move around and try out different angles. Move closer to the subject, shoot from below, shoot from above, etc. The more angles you get, the better a feel you get for the subject. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to try things. At worst, you won’t use it but in a best-case scenario, you find something that really works.