From rolling hills to bustling market towns, the South Downs National Park’s landscapes cover 1,000m² of breathtaking views, hidden gems and quintessentially English scenery. A rich tapestry of wildlife, landscapes, tranquillity and visitor attractions, weave together a story of people and place in harmony.

1. Turn left out of the station and follow the road into Haslemere. Turn left onto the high street. At the pedestrian crossing look for the Serpent Trail marker on the traffic lights. Cross over, turn left and follow the marker right onto Well Lane.

2. Follow the path into Swan Barn Farm, through two gates and left on the track. Follow the Serpent Trail markers along the track, across fields and over a bridge.

3. Turn right and follow the path to the road. Cross over and follow the Trail marker along Pine Springs Valley. Bear left where the road forks.

4. Continue into the wood, pass through a gate and continue on the Serpent Trail passing High Barn Farm. Pass through a gate and turn left on the track.

5. Continue to follow the Serpent Trail turning right onto the road.

6. Just before Black Down car park turn left and follow the Trail markers to the Temple of the Winds. Bear left and follow the path to the viewpoint.

7. Continue through the woods, turn left at the T-junction and pass through the gate.

8. At the road turn right then immediately left onto a bridleway. Bear left at the end of the tarmac into woodland. Turn left at the fork, then at the crossroads follow the way marker straight ahead.

9. Bear left where the path joins a track. At the road turn right along the footpath and follow way markers until you emerge beside the Red Lion pub in Fernhurst.

10. Cross the road and turn right uphill. At the left hand bend cross the road and take the signposted footpath. Continue onto a path and over a stile.

11. Continue over two stiles crossing a small lane into a field to another stile. Continue straight ahead on the footpath.

12. Turn right at the road, passing houses on your left, and join the restricted byway. At the fork bear right downhill and follow the track as it becomes a footpath.

13. At the T-junction continue on the restricted byway, then turn left at the road. At the T-junction turn left then just past Wadesmarch Farmhouse turn right on the bridleway and enter Valewood Park.

14. Continue along the bridleway to the road. Turn left and at the mini roundabout turn right passing Stedland Farm, then bear left uphill on the byway.

15. At the road turn left and then right onto the signposted footpath. Continue to the main road, turn left and follow the road back to the railway station.

DISTANCE: 7.25 miles
MAP: Explorer 133 (Guildford & Farnham)
START: Haslemere Railway Station

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Image: Blackdown, The Temple of the Winds © National Trust