The walk takes you through woods and fields with some short climbs, one quite steep. You could refresh yourself either just over half way around, at the White Horse in Hascombe, or at the end, at the Sun at Dunsfold. The walk was submitted by Guildford Rambling Club (see

1. Facing the houses, go left for a few yards to turn right into a road running back between the houses and away from the main road. Walk to a junction where a yellow arrow points left. Here, go straight ahead along its graveled drive towards ‘Barns Meadows’. Pass the house on a narrow path along its right-hand side and reach Hookhouse Road. Go left along this road for about ½ mile.

2. Walk past a left turn with a signpost left then past a left turn to Church Green and then past a left turn to Dunsfold Church. Also, pass the driveway to Field Place and keep going until reaching a sign pointing left to Pear Tree Green. Follow this and walk up to take a stile at the right-hand side of Pear Tree Cottage. In the field go left, along its edge. Enter another field and then a wood. Walk through the wood to the other side and a T-junction with a wide track at a 3-way signpost. Here, turn left. Follow the wide track. It swings right and then you fork right, off of it, at another 3-way signpost. The path climbs up to emerge at Markwick Lane at the side of Markwick Farm.

3. Go straight over the road and follow a footpath climbing away at right angles to the road. At a yellow arrow pointing right go straight on. A few yards further up the track swings sharply right but you go on, following a narrow path slightly left and up into trees. Follow the path steeply up, forking right twice, until, at the top, emerging on a wider crossing track. Go right for 20 yards and then turn left along a wide but still unsigned track. Keep going for about ½ mile, following the obvious track and ignoring lefts and rights. Eventually, at a cross paths, the path ahead starts to descend.

4. At the bottom reach a T-junction with a field ahead. Turn right and walk along the edge of one field and the straight on into another field. On the far side you reach the Godalming Road, opposite the White Horse pub. Cross straight over and take Nore Lane, a track running uphill along the right-hand side of the pub. Keep going. After passing Hascombe Place Farm, the track swings right but you carry straight on along a narrow path. You parallel fields (on your left-hand side). At the top of a small rise, ignore a footpath right immediately followed by a footpath left. Instead, carry straight on.

5. The path descends through trees and swings right as it runs along the side of the hill. At a T-junction, with a tennis court on your right, go right. The path later emerges from trees to give you excellent views to your left and you pass a (modern folly) stone circle. Keep going and, just beyond it, reach a barn. Go over a stile into a small bare field and then out through a gate onto the drive of Lodge House (which is away up to the right).

6. Go left, down the drive. At a T-junction go right for 20 yards and then left over a stile into a field. Head straight out, keeping a clump of trees and scrub and reeds on your left. Go over a stile onto Godalming Road and cross straight over into another field. The path heads slightly left straight across the very large field, crosses a farm drive and reaches Dunsfold Road. Turn right and walk down about ¾ mile to the start point. The Sun pub is just beyond this.

DISTANCE: 5½ miles
OS MAPS: Explorer 134 Crawley & Horsham, Cranleigh & Billingshurst
STARTING POINT: The village car park by the “TotemPole” on the green at Dunsfold, a few yards along the road from the Sun public house.
The Sun Inn, Dunsfold – 01483 200242
The White Horse, Hascombe – 01483 208258