This is a lovely circular walk through the hills to one of the quietest hamlets in Surrey. With an optional pub lunch, this 10 mile ramble is perfect for a cool November afternoon. This walk is brought to you by Hikes of Surrey. If you would like to join them on a guided walk of this route or find out about many others, please visit

Start: Leaving St Martins, head West on the High Street. Turn left and walk south on South Street. As South Street turns into Vincent Ln on the one way system, turn up “The Struggle” towards Nower Rd. At Nower Rd, turn left and walk to the end of the road. Cross Hampstead Ln and turn right on the path to The Nower. Walk through the field along the hedgerow heading west. The footpath will enter the woods. Keep on the footpath all the way to the paved road.

2) Turn left at the paved road towards Bury Hill Fisheries. At the end of the road there will be a house with two footpaths to the right. Take the far right footpath down to Milton St. Turn left and then a quick right along the Greensand Way (GW) towards Westcott Heath. You will be following the well marked GW for quite some way. Past the heath, the footpath will meet the A25. Turn left down Rookery Dr. The road will lead to an old thatched millhouse (without a wheel). Just past the mill, turn left and continue along the GW. The path will fork, stay to the right and go up the hill. Continue following the GW between the hedges or cut diagonally across the field. Either way, turn left on the GW.

3) Keep going south on the GW. You will pass a logging area on the left and come to a rare Surrey waterfall. Take some time to enjoy this feature. Continue south to Broadmoor. When you come to Sheephouse Ln, leave the GW and continue south down the lane. Keep an eye out for the footpath on the right and take it heading west. After a very short distance, the path will split. Turn right and then a quick left. Follow the footpath up the hill. The footpath will cross two roads (actually the same road that curves) in quick succession. Continue west on the footpath. Coming out of the woods, you will see a mill pond on the left; welcome to Friday Street! The pond is a great place to stop and get a photo, especially if it’s a still day.

Friday Street is roughly halfway and a great place to stop for a pub lunch at the Stephan Langton Inn (just south of the mill pond).

4) Leaving Friday Street, head north on the road at the northwest corner of the mill pond. After a bit, there will be a creek on your left. You will come to a perpendicular footpath, keep straight (north). The path will split, keep straight (the left path). The footpath will turn right and then you will need to make a quick left. After a short distance, you will come to an open field. Wotton House is on the left. Follow the footpath to the Wotton House drive and turn right. After the drive curves to the left and heads north, there will be a place to cross the fence on the right. Cross the fence and the field until you come to the Wotton Hatch.

5) Cross the A25 and follow the road that leads to the church. Long before you get to the church, take the footpath to the right. The church will be on the left and you will pass two small ponds on your right. Another footpath will join, keep left. At Vale Farm, turn right and head down the road (east). Keep down this road until you get to Balchins Ln. Turn left. The lane will curve to the right and Leslie Howard’s old house will be on the right. You will pass Hole Hill Rd on the left, you will cross the bridge, Westcott St will be on your left, and you will then take the next left.

6) You will pass two old buildings and then you will come to a new development, keep left. You will pass a small pond on the right and cross over Pipp Brook. When the footpath ‘Ts’, turn right, go through two kissing gates and turn left down the paved path. At the end of the path, turn right. You will go up a small rise and there will be a mill pond on the right. At UNUM turn left and keep right on the path. Follow this path all the way to the A25 and turn left. Walk along the A25 for about a quarter of a mile. Welcome back to lovely Dorking!

DISTANCE: 10 miles
MAP: OS Explorer 146 (Dorking, Box Hill and Reigate)
START: M&S car park just north of St Martins Church

Image: Autumn, with its rich colours, is a perfect time of year to visit the mill pond in Friday Street.