This heritage trail takes in the distinctive Tillingbourne village of Albury, famous for its relocation a mile to the west in the 18th century. Explore its unique village architecture before meandering through Albury Park itself, a scenic parkland which combines medieval churches, landscaped gardens and woodland, all on the edge of the beautiful Albury Heath.

Start from St Peter’s and St Paul’s Albury parish church (GU5 9AJ). Suggested parking is in the village hall car park or on the road by the memorial opposite the church. Walk west along the road with the church on the left and the war memorial on the right. Then turn right as the road curves north, following it to the Albury village stores (Pratt’s) and green. At the crossroads, turn right onto the main road (A281) and follow the pavement through the village, passing cottages and shops such as the former post office and pharmacy, on top of which are the famous Albury chimneys.

The Tillingbourne runs behind the houses on the northern side of the road, and is especially visible behind the Drummond Arms, as well as the small park behind the Village Hall carpark. As you continue along the road, you will also pass the old building for Albury Mill on the left, where the Tillingbourne bends, in use as a corn mill until 1910 and now converted. Continue on the main road past Weston House and the trout ponds on the north side. At the road bend and junction with New Road, turn right onto New Road, before turning left through the gate, onto the road to Albury Park. Follow the road down to the Saxon church, straight ahead (do not take either the curved road to the left or drive to the right). The church is open throughout the year to visit.

From the church gate, turn south and walk across the grass and over the driveway of Albury House, to the public footpath on the other side. Take the path up the hill, and through the kissing gate, at the corner of the wooded hill. Follow the straight path through the woods (it will gradually veer to the left as it goes downslope). Exit the woods as you go through a gate and onto a drive, passing South Lodge, before continuing to Park Road. Cross the road and turn right, following the path along it, until you reach Heath Lane on the left. Turn left into Heath Lane, and then immediately right onto the footpath through the woods. Follow the footpath into the heath, and then turn right. Then immediately fork right again onto the sandy path, back into the woods. Follow the path to the road T junction. Cross over New Road and onto the drive towards the cricket ground.

**Follow Option B here to extend walk. Otherwise continue with the following directions**
Take the footpath on the left side of the house, into the woods. Follow the footpath and track down to the sunken laneway. Carry on along the track, following it around a left-hand bend, and onto Church Lane, back to the start point at Albury church.

**Option B**
Follow the road past the sports ground and pavilion on the left, down through the cutting and under the railway arch. Turn right at the path/road junction, and follow the road to Ford Farm. Turn left down towards the river, past the wall, and take the small gate on the right into the field. This is the Lawbrook, a tributary of the Tillingbourne which joins the river at Postford Pond. There were watercress beds along this stretch of river until recently, though there are still a series of fast flowing ponds which you can see from the path, as well as a weir at the bottom of the field before you exit through a stile.

Follow the path along the field edge and exit through a stile, heading up the track and under the railway. At the top of the hill, turn right along the path beside the field, and follow the track to the crossing of the path and track at the fence corner.

Turn left onto the path and follow it through the woods, down to join the track to the sunken laneway. Follow the laneway to the path bend, back onto Church Lane and towards Albury church.

DISTANCE: 2.5 or 4 miles
MAP: Explorer 145 (Guildford & Farnham)
START: St Peter’s and St Paul’s Albury parish church, GU5 9AJ. Please DO NOT park at the Saxon chuch in Albury Park as this is private.
Image: Colin Smith