The Cancer Chat Café is a new local support group for people with a cancer experience in reach of Great Bookham to meet regularly and socially to share experiences and concerns. We will launch on Wednesday 11th May 2022 at The Old Barn Hall in Great Bookham at 3pm and everybody will be welcome to join us and explore what the Cancer Chat Café has to offer. There will be two afternoon meetings each month plus an evening in the pub to cater for members’ personal interests and schedules and will include a café, a cream tea and a social shared between The Old Barn Hall and The Plough in Orestan Lane, Effingham. We will also invite occasional guest speakers from scientists, charities and celebrities to entertain and sometimes educate our members. Anyone with a cancer experience or interest is welcome to join us, meet the team and put their questions and suggestions to the organisers, Nigel Lewis-Baker MBE and Chris Boughey.

Nigel, Chair, is well known to many for his previous groups and charity activities. He has undergone immunotherapy and chemotherapy treatments and taken part in three clinical trials so has a wide understanding of the challenges of cancer. In 2009 with John Blackburn, he set up the Topic of Cancer local support group in Bookham that grew to an established charity raising funds for immunotherapy research in Guildford. He also initiated the ToC Fit exercise classes and the ToC Voices choir. Now, after the trauma of Covid 19 and lockdown, he feels it is time to start again and bring back the opportunity for patients and their loved ones to meet and help each other.

Chris, Treasurer, has been treated for both bowel and prostate cancer. He is also well known in the community for his charity work for people experiencing Alzheimer’s Disease and as a previous Practice Manager at a local GP surgery.

CCC will meet monthly on the 1st Wednesday evening at The Plough in Effingham for a joyful evening of chat and fun. We will also hold an afternoon café social on the 2nd Wednesday from 3-5pm at The Old Barn Hall in Great Bookham and on the 4th Wednesday from 3-5pm a cream tea courtesy of The Plough in Effingham, by booking only.

We are all very excited at the launch and look forward to meeting many people who would like to join in and are open to any donors or sponsors who want to support us and make life a little easier for those who are living with cancer.

Please visit our website for further details of events and contacts or e-mail