Under the Yew Tree, the first book in John Charles Hall’s thrilling trilogy, imagines the South East of England occupied by German forces during WWII. We meet young lovers Joseph and Julia, part of a small village and farming community caught up in the horrors of war.

Set in the South Downs and West Sussex, Under the Yew Tree trilogy juxtaposes the sights and sounds of the beautiful countryside against the harrowing infiltration of dark authoritarian rule. Having lived in the area all his life, author John’s background was running his own large high-tech horticultural business growing and supplying glasshouse crops for UK supermarkets such as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and, having been involved in farming, he has always felt close to the landscape and rural communities.  John has captured the essence of the place and its people in his novel series and has always wondered, in reality, how effective an English Resistance might have been had the South of England been occupied in WWII as re his storyline.

In Ash Before Oak, as the Nazi army settles in to rural West Sussex the Resistance fights with all its might to undermine the invasion and tests the character of every individual and the community as a whole. The Holly and the Ivy, the final part of the trilogy, continues with the story of Julia, Commander Henry Clay and the brave men and women of the Resistance. We follow their daily struggles as they battle against the enemy.

About the author:
John Charles Hall is a Business Consultant and has lived all of his life around the villages of the South Downs and the West Sussex Coastal Plain. He has a great love and understanding of these rural communities and has often wondered how they might have coped had they been invaded and occupied during WWII.


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