Polesden Lacey volunteer Pam Burbidge releases the biography exploring the lesser-known life of Maggie Greville, a lady who truly made a difference

Maggie Greville did so much more than act out the role of an Edwardian Hostess. Maggie Greville lived in obscurity, until her father William McEwan changed everything. He was a self-made man, controller, and philanthropist, who staged the rise of Maggie A to Maggie G.

Power, money, and tutoring created the new modern emancipated woman, who bought her own house in her own name (Polesden Lacey), even though she had a husband. Find out about the real story where marriages changed the landscape.

Thrown into a world of opulently dressed aristocrats, royalty and maharajahs, politics and charity combined with money, initiated success. The Long Walk at Polesden Lacey became a secret political venue, away from prying eyes and ears. With close connections to Edward VII, George V and Queen Mary, George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and International Royalty Maggie acted as the new manipulator at court to gain international recognition.

The far-reaching effect of the procurement of money, power in its various aspects, was demonstrated so clearly by Maggie G. The lady who made a difference.

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, Pam Burbidge qualified as a teacher and taught English (with some History) in London, Newcastle upon Tyne and in Surrey. She moved to Brussels for a couple of years with her family. Later, Pam started a Conference Agency in Surrey, which she ran for several years. She has spent the last thirteen years as a National Trust Volunteer at Polesden Lacey, working as a Tour Guide, Room Guide and Research Historian in Archives. Pam is responsible for ensuring that the information made available to visitors is based on facts and is passionate about removing misinformation in the new archival material that she creates.

Pam says, “I wrote the book because I found I was often being offered false information, which was passed around at Polesden Lacey. This was about the ‘key players’ who made Polesden Lacey great, and about the history of the house and grounds. I wanted to prove that the real Maggie Greville did so much more than act out the role of an Edwardian Hostess.”

The Maggie Greville Story is available to buy from the Polesden Lacey shop and other high street book shops.

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