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A couple of weeks ago, I had a phone call from Linda who was wanting to spread the word about the Denningberg Centre. Having worked in Godalming for two years I have to be honest and admit I had never heard of it.
I decided that I was going to pop in for a chat, as I wanted to see the center so that I knew exactly what the center was all about before we came up with a marketing plan.

Linda had told me that the mayor of Godalming was going to be coming on August 8th for a game of Bingo, so I thought that was the ideal time for me to go and see it in full swing.

In 1971 Danny Denningberg was made the mayor of the Royal Borough of Godalming, in his opening speech he asked the towns people to help him raise the money to open a center for the elderly in Godalming, which would later be called “The Denningberg Centre.”

Since 1971 it has been fully self-supporting by the lovely people who work at the center as well the people who come in and visit and use the facilities.
As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a flurry of excited faces, all of them eager to chat to me about the history as well as all the great things it does within the community. I spoke to one lady Susie who said, “We come her every week, it’s a lovely place for us to come and have a cup of tea and a catch up.”

This seemed to be the consensus as I spoke to several visitors who frequent the center. They offer food and snacks as well, and it is all very reasonably charged, so perfect for a light lunch or a slice of cake to accompany a cup of tea (the cheapest in town.)
They also have a library where you can swap and purchase books, again for a very good price, it is a very good idea for a nice peaceful setting to sit and read a book, whilst enjoying a snack and a drink.

The center is an absolute honeypot in the middle of Godalming and the atmosphere there is so warm and welcoming.
All the visitors I spoke to on Thursday could not speak more highly of the center and it really does bring the more mature residents of Godalming together. Unfortunately, it is for the over 55’s otherwise I don’t think they would be able to get me to leave!

I really am glad I got a chance to go along and get to know a bit more about this humble self-supporting and above all caring center.

I hope more of you will take the time to pop in for a cup of tea, or a game of bingo!

01483 422027

36 Bridge street, next to the council offices, Godlaming, GU7 1HP

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