Planning the perfect honeymoon is usually the next top priority after your wedding day. It’s your opportunity to finally relax after all the preparations and anticipation of the event itself, say goodbye to friends and family, and head off into the sunset for some quality alone time as a newly married couple. If you want to discover some of the most popular romantic honeymoon destinations on the planet, keep reading for our list of the top 5 and if you’re looking to save money too, make sure you take advantage of one of the special Virgin Holidays deals available from BravoVoucher at

Bali, Indonesia
This Indonesian island is one of the top destinations for newlyweds and has a lot to offer. You can enjoy stunning sandy beaches to relax and if you’re up for some more active adventures, try some snorkeling and surfing. The island is rich in both culture and natural beauty, and couples can soak up the arts, and music, and explore the many beautiful temples all over the island

Australia is a popular choice for action and adventure during your honeymoon, and it’s the ideal place to go if you’re lucky enough to have a longer vacation. There’s lots of wildlife,  culture, and sightseeing to do, from exploring the famous Sydney Opera House to deep-sea diving on the Great Barrier Reef, as well as astounding natural wonders like Ayers Rock. The longer your trip, the more you’ll be able to explore this amazing country. Add a touch of romance with luxurious beaches, resorts, and restaurants, and your honeymoon is sorted!

If you simply can’t wait to be alone together with your new spouse, consider a trip to the Maldives for your honeymoon. The remoteness of the island, surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean will help you create the perfect romantic atmosphere and enjoy the peace and tranquility during this extra-special part of your relationship. Choose from many luxury resorts and find the perfect place to stay. A couple of weeks in this tropical paradise will give you the chance for just the two of you to get away from absolutely everything, and, depending on your future plans, maybe your only opportunity!

Amalfi Coast, Italy
Italy in general is considered one of the most romantic places to visit, and the Amalfi Coast has always been high up on the list for romantic getaways, and therefore the ideal honeymoon location. The colorful, picturesque towns and streets, and gorgeous beaches that meet the breathtaking mediterranean sea, definitely won’t disappoint. There are many chic and sophisticated places to stay while you admire these spectacular views, and you don’t have to take a long-haul flight to arrive at this idyllic destination. 

Santorini, Greece
Another country that is always considered very romantic is, of course, Greece. Many honeymooners head to Santorini to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets, unique volcanic beaches, ancient Roman ruins and architecture, and scenic towns and villages. It’s also very popular because of the delicious Greek cuisine, and you can sample some authentic dishes in top-rated restaurants, and sample some wonderful wines at the many wineries and wine tasting events

This list just mentions 5 of the top destinations that you can consider for your honeymoon, of course, there are many more, and your final decision will ultimately be a matter of personal choice. If you want to find more inspiration as well as helpful travel tips and advice about when to go and what to see and do, take a look at this article from The Times.