Having business premises is a true privilege. That sense of appreciation can be felt more strongly when the place is secure, eliminating many potential causes of stress and concern.

Mismanagement of company keys can come with hefty consequences. For example, trespassers may wander onto the commercial premises and steal information or sabotage your firm in any number of ways. Threats can come from within, too, if unauthorised employees access areas of the premises they shouldn’t.

Therefore, every worker in a business must do their part in preventing key loss. Here are some of the things that can be done to promote that aim.

Provide Useful Training
It almost goes without saying, but everybody needs to be on board with these initiatives. If not, the level of risk rises. After all, it’s been asserted that staff complacency is the biggest risk to cybersecurity efforts in business today. The same principles can also be applied to the real-world security of your premises. If workers frequently lose keys or lend them to people they shouldn’t, it can invite a series of further problems.

Staff should be trained in how to access keys (we’ll come to that in a bit), and best practices for things like carrying them responsibly to minimise chances of loss and storing them in an organised way. They should be instructed on how to take inventory and report irregularities promptly. These measures can be outlined as early as the moment they receive their staff handbook on induction today and repeated throughout the course of their employment.

Partner for Solutions
Your keys aren’t rogue assets that can be left discarded on your company premises. They should have a set place for storage that’s secure. Other firms can help with that. For example, KEYper Systems is committed to these goals. These specialists have a range of key storage and management products to help you. In addition to dealer plate management and other storage support, they also offer after-hours key management capabilities. This involves administration software that monitors system activity, runs detailed reports, and remotely controls item access.

Top-rated organisations and government branches use KEYper Systems’ stock, so you can trust their support. Moreover, they’re also happy to run remote demos with you and your staff on how to use their goods, ensuring you’re all up to speed.

Introduce Financial Penalties
It’s not nice to have to punish your workers, especially in ways that are perhaps more profound than others. Still, a lost key can usher in disastrous repercussions for a business, so hard rules need to be set. For instance, some companies will demand their employees cover the cost of replacing locks for any key they’ve lost. Such changes don’t exactly come cheap, and they can be enough to motivate workers to take these measures seriously. They can’t exactly argue with the logic of the arrangement, either – it’s perfectly fair.

There’s a right and wrong way to go about this. Typically, firms wishing to carry out these disciplinary measures will outrightly state such in their employment contracts. That way, everybody has healthy expectations from the beginning of employment, and no worker feels as if they’re being unjustly ambushed for making a mistake. Being forthcoming keeps things fair, and that’s important.