Spring has finally sprung, and for us at Expert Home Tips, this means one thing and one thing only: it’s time to Spring Clean.

These two short words and the encompassing large tasks that lies ahead can be surprisingly intimidating, but they needn’t be. Spring Cleaning should be seen as an opportunity to show your home some love and get it looking better than ever.

First thing’s first: don’t rush. Spring Cleaning should be slow and gradual – something to take your time over and enjoy. The best results will come from taking pride in your home, and this means seeing Spring Cleaning as a task to enjoy.

It’s best to split your cleaning tasks up, otherwise they can become overwhelming. I like to do this by concentrating on getting one room spick and span first, before moving onto the next one. This breaks a seemingly monumental task down into sizeable chunks that are easy to tackle, whether you’ve got a whole day free or just a few hours.

Spring Cleaning isn’t just about fairy liquid, Flash and bleach – it’s also an opportunity to tidy, declutter and organise. These small alterations can have a big improvement on your home, and you’ll be surprised what a difference they can make! I’ll not only be talking you through the cleaning aspect of each room today, but where to consider reorganising too.

Whilst each room differs, there are some tasks that should be carried out everywhere. These include cleaning light fittings, windows and skirting boards.

The Kitchen

The list of Spring Cleaning tasks to undertake in the kitchen is arguably the largest. The kitchen is one of the most well-used rooms in the home so understandably requires a certain amount of maintenance.

Depending on how much time you’re happy to assign to your Spring Cleaning will depend on how much you overhaul your kitchen. In an ideal world, all cupboards should be emptied and wiped. Food items should be sorted (you’ll be surprised what’s lurking inside from 2010!), rearranged and stickiness should be wiped away.

Next up are your appliances, both big like your dishwasher and small like your toaster – of course, you’ll also want to do the oven and fridge. A good clean of these will not only improve their appearance, but help them function better and last longer. Oven cleaning can be notoriously arduous, so it may be worth considering getting a professional in to help.

Although it may look OK, your kitchen floor could definitely do with a thorough Spring Clean. Mopping’s fine for weekly cleaning, but during the Spring Clean, grout should also be cleaned thoroughly, either by using a steamer or scrubbing brush. This is a timely process, but one that definitely pays off.


Next up are your bathrooms. Water, whether hard or not, takes its toll on tiles, grout and stainless-steel fittings, over time but it’s nothing that a bit of TLC can’t reverse. Even signs of mould can be removed if you tackle them soon enough.

First thing’s first – remove all the clutter and put it into a different room. Cleaning is much easier (and less frustrating) when you’re not constantly bumping into things. Begin with your grout. Use an old toothbrush, and diluted bleach (don’t forget your gloves) and scrub along the grout. Leave for 10 minutes before washing thoroughly.

Limescale on tiles and taps can be removed using Fairy Liquid and the rough side of a sponge, but if you want to speed things up a little, a limescale remover will come in handy. Spray onto shower screens, around taps and plugholes and leave for 5 minutes before scrubbing.

Similarly, to the kitchen, if you have time, empty, wipe and sort cupboards, and give the tiles a good clean too. It really will make all the difference and make your bathroom a much calmer, serene place to be.

Bedrooms & Living room

The living room and bedroom require much less time, or at least, elbow grease. Here, the focus is on soft-furnishing, which should be washed either at home or professionally. They can also be ‘refreshed’ using bicarbonate of soda – vacuum the area using the brush attachment, sprinkle the Bicarb on, leave for 10 minutes, then vacuum again. Lamp shades can be cleaned using a lint roller.

Spring Cleaning is also a great time to do a wardrobe clear-out, reduce your extensive cushion collection, and generally reduce clutter and streamline your surroundings.

Over & above

If you want to go the extra mile during your Spring Clean, include carpet-cleaning and wood-varnishing. These may seem like costly extents to go to, but they will make an undeniable difference to the look of your home. Varnishing and waxing wood is of course, also paramount for keeping furniture and floors protected.

Whether you go big or small on your Spring Clean this year, try to enjoy it! Spread the jobs over a month so you never feel bogged down, and you’ll rejoice in seeing your home slowly transform.