Set-up by Surrey Mum, Lisa Lim, Art Rabble aims to create a positive social impact by recognising the skills of disabled artists. The company sells prints by artists with Down’s Syndrome, autism, Parkinson’s disease and learning disabilities. They start from £60 and offer an eclectic mix of styles and themes, from traditional landscapes to abstract pieces. Lisa explains why artwork from Art Rabble is so special.

“Art Rabble aims to shine a light on the often un-seen artwork of disabled artists. We want our artists work to be in people’s homes kick-starting new conversations about lives that are well lived and enjoyed, artists who are talented and determined. “

The site pays the artists commission for each print sold, helping to build the artists self-esteem as well as giving some financial independence. The artists also share their stories, giving insight into their experiences and the challenges they face, as well as their aspirations for the future.

Art Rabble’s newest artist is Ella Walker from Dorking. Ella has anxiety and depression, conditions which impact all aspects of her life.

“I struggle with my mental health; I have anxiety, which makes going out and interacting with people challenging, and depression, which makes functioning day-to-day difficult.”

However, encouraged by Art Rabble, Ella has realised that people beyond her immediate family enjoy her paintings, that she has an enormous amount to offer and her skills as an artist are something to be proud of.  Ella’s inspiration is often found in nature and animals. Her paintings encourage us to pause, to really stop and appreciate the beauty of animals, their light-hearted playfulness and their elegance and poise.

To hear more about Lisa’s long-terms plans for the social enterprise, and see more of Ella’s work, please visit