Repair Café Godalming, a community-driven initiative, has generously gifted £1000 to the Skillway Charity, both of which are deeply rooted in the heart of Godalming. This significant contribution aims to empower and uplift the community by supporting young people through practical skills development.

Repair Café Godalming’s generous donation of £1000 will directly ­benefit Skillway’s programs. The funds will be used to enhance workshop facilities, provide necessary materials, and expand outreach efforts. By investing in Skillway, Repair Café Godalming demonstrates its commitment to fostering a skilled and resilient community.

We believe that practical skills are essential for personal growth and community well-being,” says Ian Coulter for Repair Café Godalming. “Our collaboration with Skillway allows us to contribute to a brighter future for young people in Godalming.

Skillway expresses heartfelt gratitude to Repair Café Godalming for their unwavering support. The £1000 gift will empower more students to discover their potential, learn valuable skills, and build a foundation for successful futures.

About Repair Café Godalming: Repair Café Godalming, organised by Rotary in Godalming with the support of Godalming Town and Waverley Councils, is a meeting place where skilled volunteers repair broken household items. Their sessions are held at the Borough Hall on Bridge Street, Godalming, between 10:00 AM and 12:30 PM. The Repair Café fixes a wide range of items, including bicycles, electronics, clothing, toys, and small electrical appliances. Their commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with the ethos of Skillway Charity.

About Skillway Charity: Skillway Charity, based in Godalming, operates out of the disused chapel buildings at Nightingale Cemetery. Their mission is to motivate and instill confidence in disadvantaged or disengaged young people. Skillway provides hands-on learning experiences in woodworking, metalworking, creative arts, and conservation skills. By promoting manual and life skills, they prepare students for the world of work or further specialised training.