Panama Rose released a brand new pop EP titled “Jelly In A Jar” last month. The four track EP of unapologetic, feel good pop is a reaction to the lockdowns endured in 20/21 and an ode to the resilience of communities worldwide.

Panama Rose is a cartoon character created by Leatherhead local George Jarvis. Contrived in the 2020 lockdown, Panama is a plucky teenage pop singer full of resilience and joy. Now that the world is getting back on its feet, Panama is all about living life, getting out into the world and putting ‘ back on the agenda.

She’s a rubber ball that won t stay down“, says George.

George is a 70 something year old with a background in e ngineer ing construction and project management. George travelled frequently in his work and in his down time dabbled in music on an old pia no in the garage, as well as drawing and painting amassing a number of ideas for stories and characters over the years. Now in his retirement, George has swapped the world of steel and concrete for the world of make believe and music.

I don’t want to b e sitting on my porch when I’m ninety wishing I’d done this or that. I’ve got time now and I want to do this just to see if I can!

In a web search for music teachers, George met Tara Minton (harpist/vocalist/ and begun zoom lessons in music the ory, arranging and songwriting. Two years on, George, with Tara’s guidance and encouragement, has written and recorded a four song pop EP for Panama Rose called Jelly In A Jar

The EP was recorded at Crown Lane Studios in Morden and features Tara Minton on vocals, Phil Merriman on bass and keyboards and Thomas Lock on drums and was produced by John Merriman and mastered by Bill Sherrington.

Listen here:

Panama herself was created by George, who designed all the original artwork, and was brought to life with the help of Mike Bell (Aurora Eclipse Productions Ltd), John Cummings (3D animation) and Izzy Swan (graphic artist and illustrator.)

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