One of my earliest memories as a young boy, is the thrill of sitting on my dad’s knee on a Sunday afternoon and holding my breath as the formula one cars raced around the track at lightning speed during the Grand Prix.

When I was three, I couldn’t contain my excitement watching Cars for the first time: Lightning McQueen became my new hero and all I could think about was cars, racing and feeling the rush of speed at the wheel.

My first proper driving experience, aged four, was at a go-karting course at Mercedes Benz World, and it was then that my passion was well and truly ignited. I could not get enough of driving, and I dreamt about my next opportunity behind the wheel.

Every weekend I begged mum and dad to take me go-karting, and when I eventually hit the minimum age for Daytona, they couldn’t keep me away. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, it’s my passion and it’s my dream.

My name is Logan McAlister and I am a young British racing driver, living in Hindhead, Surrey.  At just 14-years-old I’ve had some incredible years, after embarking on my amazing karting journey aged seven.

This year I competed in the 2023 CLUB100 Cadet Lightweight Championship.  92 drivers entered into this category and we were to compete in a 16 race, 8 Round championship season at tracks throughout the UK, from March to November.  On Sunday the 1st of October, at Round 7 of the championship I was crowned the 2023 Champion.  After completing 14 races, securing 10 wins and 13 podium finishes, I was announced as the winner, live on You Tube, one round early due to my unbeatable lead in the points.

My parents are always with me on track and have put everything into supporting me.  Their belief in me and their will for me to succeed has never wavered. I am so lucky to have them, and their incredible support.

As I progress up the ranks, moving into Juniors for the 2024 season, talent and support alone is just not enough in motorsport. Those that succeed are extremely well financed, and this is where I need some help.

I am looking for someone to partner with me and support my dream. I would absolutely love to find a local company who is passionate about motorsport, and helping a young man progress to his full potential and achieve his life goals. You could be there to see my journey continue and my talent grow. Come along to the track and witness the thrill of a race day.

Would you consider partnering with loganmcalister_racing for 2024? With my unfailing belief, grit and hard work I believe I could achieve great things in the future.

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