Did you know that 1 in 7 under 18s live with domestic abuse at some point during their childhood?  

Last year, South West Surrey Domestic Abuse Outreach Service supported over 1,000 women and their children whose lives are affected by domestic abuse. They all live in Waverley or Guildford Boroughs. Domestic Abuse can happen to anyone. It is happening in your local area. It is affecting children in your neighbourhood or one close to you.

 The impact on young people

Exposure to domestic abuse can have a devastating impact on Children and Young People including:

  • Severe damage to their mental wellbeing such as increased anxiety, depression and risk of self-harm.
  • The destruction of their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Negatively influencing their ability to build positive relationships in the future.
  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach pains and skin conditions.
  • Aggression toward others or complete social withdrawal.
  • Risk of truancy, offending, use of alcohol/drugs in older children.

How we help

 We help children and young people across your area who have been affected by domestic abuse. We support them to understand they are not to blame. They are empowered and equipped to come to terms with their situation, encouraged to recognise their emotions, develop their self-esteem and confidence, build resilience and help them to make safe choices. This is done through one to one sessions in a safe place, counselling and peer group workshops.

Everyone deserves to live a life free from harm.  Our Youth Ambassador programme, comprising an incredible group of young local survivor volunteers, gives them a voice, enabling a better understanding of how domestic abuse affects the lives of young people and what matters to them.  It informs what more can be done to prevent the harm caused by domestic abuse at a young age and how the service can improve to support others like them.

The Youth Ambassadors help other young people understand the dangers of abusive relationships and provide signposts for practical help to keep themselves and their friends safe. Together, we are building a youth engagement programme that will be delivered across your community with the Ambassadors at its core.

Contact us

If you live in the boroughs of Guildford or Waverley and are affected by domestic abuse, South West Surrey Domestic Abuse Outreach Service is here to listen to you, believe you and support you.

You can call our confidential advice line on 01483 898884 (Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm) or email swr@swsda.org.uk. Remember that domestic abuse is a crime. Call 999 in an emergency.

Our vision is for every adult and child experiencing domestic abuse to be seen, safe and heard and free from the harm caused by the perpetrator.

We are part of Citizens Advice Waverley and a member of Surrey Domestic Abuse Partnership, a group of independent charities, working together across Surrey to ensure that survivors of domestic abuse are safe, and to build a future where domestic abuse is not tolerated. If you live in Surrey but outside of Guildford and Waverley Boroughs, contact us and we can direct you to the partnership services for your area.

South West Surrey Domestic Abuse Outreach Service:  T: 01483 898884 (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm)

Email: swr@swsda.org.uk



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