Josh* was enjoying his first experience of work and seemed to be doing well. He knew that the company had been through some difficult times during the pandemic but was shattered to hear that they were closing down.

His colleagues were saying different things about what they might be entitled to, and Josh didn’t know what to believe or whether he would be treated differently because he was young and had not been working there long.

Josh knew that his mate Matt* had also lost his job recently and he sent Matt a text asking if he could help. Matt suggested Josh should ask Citizens Advice – his dad had suggested that he ask their advice. You can e-mail or phone if you want and they’re really helpful.

Josh rang his local Citizens Advice office. He told the adviser that the company he worked for was closing down. He was 19, had only been working there for 6 months and wondered if he was entitled to claim anything. The adviser informed Josh that if the company had gone into liquidation or administration, he should expect to be contacted by someone who was dealing with the company’s affairs. They would be contacting all the employees to explain how they could claim redundancy pay. We advised Josh that as he had not been working for the company for 2 years, he would not be entitled to statutory redundancy pay, but he might be entitled to some holiday pay or pay in lieu of notice if the firm had gone into liquidation.

Josh then asked if he might be entitled to any benefits until he found another job. As Josh was over 18, we advised him to check out Universal Credit by visiting our national website

If he wanted to go ahead with a claim, he could get help with this via the National Help to Claim phone line 0800 1448 444

The adviser also checked if he was likely to qualify for any other benefits. Unfortunately, he was not, but Josh was assured that he could come back to Citizens Advice if he needed more help.

Josh now felt that he knew what to expect and how to take things forward.

*Names changes to preserve confidentiality

If you are a young person who needs help, or if you have friends who would benefit from some advice, our advice is confidential, impartial and free.


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