As a beauty salon owner, you’ll know that what you do is big business. The health and beauty market was worth £36.7 billion in 2021 and this was expected to grow by 2% between 2021 and 2026.

Your business is making up a slice of this valuation. By being part of such a powerful sector, you’re surrounded by other salons and beauty offerings – as many as 46,000 at the last count. So, how do you promote your business and make it stand out?

To help you get noticed in 2023, here are some ideas.

Know your brand
Whether you’ve been around for years or you’re relatively new to the scene, it’s crucial that you have established what your brand is. By having branding in place, you can market your business to the clients you’re looking for.

Everything from your logo and colour scheme to the tone of voice you use on your website and social media channels will help to establish the look you’re going for. This, in turn, will attract the customers you want. Are you a high-end salon, laidback, or trendy? Do you offer exclusive services or do you come in at a mid-range price point? Your branding can tell customers exactly what to expect when they choose you.

Promote your services
Once your brand is fully established, you can promote what you do. Do you offer anything that’s different or exclusive? This will be a major selling point, so that will be one of the key messages to include. Even if you simply offer a first-class service on classics such as nail art or beauty treatments, show off what you can do.

To do this, make sure your website is up to date; focus on social media, where you can include offers and competitions; and consider print too. A booklet that showcases your services is the perfect way to highlight what you and your team is capable of.

Follow the trend
Speaking of social media, it’s worth keeping up with the latest trends. Is there a hairstyle challenge that you could try in your salon? Maybe there’s a nail design that’s set to be big and is currently being showcased by influencers on Instagram?

Take the time to see where you could tap into current trends and make it work for your business.

Reviews and recommendations
Encourage customers and clients to leave reviews. Offer rewards such as the chance to win treatments if they complete a survey or give incentives to those who refer your business to others. This will build trust and your reputation too.

What are your plans for your salon in 2023?