Successful marketing is all about standing out from the crowd in all the right ways. This isn’t always easy – it means thinking creatively and doing things that other businesses in your sector aren’t also doing.

When it comes to designing an exhibition stand at a trade show, you’ve got to think outside of the box. Let’s explore how you can make your exhibition stand just the right amount of different. 

Think about what you want to communicate
It’s important to remember that your exhibition stand isn’t some passive structure, it has a function that it needs to fulfil. You need to think about what this function actually is before you can start designing the stand itself.

This will likely be multifaceted; you’ll want it to represent your brand symbolically while providing the right kind of space to interact with visitors. Trade shows can be quite hectic spaces, meaning that if you can create a relatively inviting and relaxing environment in your stand, you’ll often be able to attract more visitors. 

Use a specialist
While you obviously need to do some of the design work yourself, you can make your life a whole lot easier by employing a specialist designer such as Focal Exhibitions. They’ll be able to help you to come up with something that’s both whacky yet practical, leveraging their experience in design to think about opportunities and problems that you might not be able to predict on your own.

Integrate technology
It’s worth considering what kinds of technology you might be able to integrate into your exhibition stand. If you have a quite conceptual product, then it might be worth looking into VR or AR headsets, to facilitate a truly memorable experience for people who visit your stand. Using touchscreens and other similar technologies can help to make your stand more interactive, encouraging people to really participate rather than just be passive bystanders.

Don’t forget the personal element
Throughout the design process, you’ll want to think about how it promotes the personal side of things. The whole point of going to trade shows is that you get to meet other people – your stand needs to be designed with this core concept in mind.

Think about how you want to communicate, and then design the stand to facilitate that style of communication. That might mean creating smaller booths so that you can achieve a degree of privacy for smaller groups, or it could be the opposite, creating an open space so that you can create an open, collaborative environment. Whatever option you choose, you need to remember to think about how other people will relate to that use of space. 

These pointers should provide you with some good ideas on where you can start with your exhibition stand design process. Remember to look at what other businesses in your sector are doing, and learn from the good aspects of their stands. At the same time, try to think outside of the box, so that you can provide an experience that’s truly unique to your business.