When you own a café or bistro, you know better than anyone that it’s more than just the beverage and snack/food options you offer customers; it’s also about the experience you provide. Customers tend to flock to those cafes and bistros that have the kind of atmosphere they like and feels welcoming, which means, as an owner, you need to keep up with what’s trending and what keeps your establishment unique.

If your café or bistro needs a makeover but you aren’t interested in a massive gut job, then we’ve got some tips you can use. Each of these will help to shake things up and invigorate the place, filling it with fresh energy.

Change Up Staff Uniforms
Staff uniforms are something that many cafes and bistros embrace as it keeps things looking professional and makes employees easy to identify for customers. So, here’s a question, when was the last time you changed the design, colour palette or the pieces they can wear? Changing up staff uniforms brings a sense of newness to the place, and can also help energise employees.

If your café or bistro has a casual vibe, branded t-shirts can be a great option. Look for a wholesale company that is used to working with the hospitality industry, offering casual t-shirts in a wide array of styles, fabrics and colours, such as Screen Textiles. Why pick a simple cotton T-shirt for staff? It’s easy to wash and care for, the material is lightweight and breathable, it’s easy to move around in, and can be worn year-round.

Of course, if you want something a bit dressier, you can always look into other uniform options. Just keep in mind how comfortable it is to wear and the care instructions.

It’s Time for a Fresh Coat of Paint
Renovations can be extremely expensive, so if you’re mindful of budget and are looking for ways to have maximum impact without spending a lot, then a coat of fresh paint will do the trick. This is a great way to choose a new and stylish colour palette and make everything else in the space feel brighter. To save you from having to do a total overhaul, the new colour still needs to work with the existing furniture and decor, so just pick a complementary tone.

Change Up the Look of the Menu
Not all cafes and bistros offer printed menus for customers, but if yours does, this is another area you can focus on. You can print out new menus with a different look, changing such things as the colour of the menu, the font and the size, the layout and how prices are displayed. This is also a great opportunity to add or remove details from the menu.

Giving your café or bistro a small makeover is a great way to create interest in the establishment. Customers will feel excited about the changes and want to come in to take a look for themselves. It’s also a great way to stay competitive and ensure your café or bistro offers a unique experience.