How Paediatric Osteopathy can help your baby, toddler, child or teen, with advice from the experienced team at Oak Park Clinic

Every child will develop in their own unique manner, but if you have a concern about your baby, child or teen, the experienced Osteopathy team at Oak Park Clinic, located on the border of Surrey and Hampshire, can help.

With a holistic approach, our specialist paediatric team can assess problem areas and treat your child with our utmost care, and now, during the school holidays is the very best time to get any concerns or health issues resolved!

How can Osteopathy help?
Paediatric Osteopathy helps a growing body establish its own balance, from the start of life to the teenage years. Every baby and child is different and while some may cope well, you may find your baby struggles with irritability, sleep, unsettles behaviour or digestive problems.

Strain patterns can be established as a result of many aspects of a young persons growth and development. Gentle assessment and treatment can influence dynamics and release tension held within different layers of tissue, or support smoother movement patterns.

Our experienced Osteopaths have post-graduate paediatric qualifications and experience, so please do get in touch for more information, to request a free chat or to book an appointment. We treat lots of babies and young children, so understand there may be a need for a longer appointment to allow for extra cuddles, play, for babies to be fed, or a quick nappy change

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