Guildford Walking for Health

If the last year has taught us anything, getting out of the house for a stroll can do wonders for one’s mental health and general mood.

Guildford Walking for Health have been such an important source of support for many over the years helping them make new friends, get out of the house for a bit and improving general fitness for people.

The group is made up of volunteers who have a great knowledge of the local area as well as the trails that they walk. They ensure the walks are fun as well as teaching people about the local wildlife and local trees and shrubs within the area.

The groups have various levels of fitness and they ensure there is always someone who will walk at a slower pace if needed. The group support local businesses wherever they can, if its for a tea and cake break or popping into local shops for supplies for the walks.

Guildford Walking for Health has helped a lot of people make new friends as well as improving mental health for their walkers as well.

They are back starting on the 29th of March, the walks will be split into groups of 6 people to keep in line with the government guidelines. For more information, please see

“Walking for Health… what a lifesaver! I was in the depths of depression after losing 2 members of my family and was prescribed anti-depressants… I was then introduced to Walking for Health …what a simple, inexpensive (actually free) enjoyable cure! My leader Annelize Kidd is an amazing inspiring lady and really makes you feel you will overcome your problems by ‘Talking and Walking’ and how true this is.  I feel so much better mentally and of course physically fitter in the process.  This should be a number one NHS prescription — it’s good for mind, body and spirit. I for one can’t praise it enough.” Jo Jo from Guildford.

“The walks are not only helping me to recover from prostate cancer but also beat loneliness as I was recently widowed.  They are a lifeline for many and are such a friendly group of people.  I would strongly recommend them.” Michael 

“Walking in a group is great for you mentally and physically. You get to socialise, meet and chat with other people which helps to combat loneliness. You get to exercise with others and know you will not be walking alone, so you feel safe and have support.” Ginny

“Walking for Health has transformed my life.  It took me back into the community from growing isolation and mental health problems.  Without it my battle would be much tougher.” Lynne

For more information contact Annelize Kidd on

07554 423010 or email