Surrey’s only Korfball club is seeking new members as it bounces back after Covid.

Guildford Thunder Korfball club is offering free sessions of friendly, competitive, mixed sex sport to people of all ages.

The club currently attracts players from across Surrey and even Berkshire and is looking to grow as interest in this inclusive sport grows.

What ball?

Korfball is a dynamic team sport played in more than 50 countries and will be part of the World Games in 2023.

Each team has 4 males and 4 females who aim to get a football-sized ball through a ‘Korf’ (Dutch for ‘basket’) 3.5m above the ground – higher than a basketball hoop!

The unusual set up and rules mean you can even score points from behind the post.

Levelling up

Despite the height of the korf, shorter players are not at too much of a disadvantage. Korfball rules allow defenders to stop attackers shooting – no matter how tall – as long as they are within arm’s reach.

The gender-mix means the sport is much friendlier than others. And what makes it unique is that women can only mark women and men can only mark men. Yet all players compete as equals and collaborate to create scoring opportunities for each other.

Recruitment drive

The club currently has players aged from 13 to their mid-50s and is seeking more members as it turns to playing outdoors over the bright, warm summer evenings.

Guildford Thunder is ably led by team captain, Hayleigh Richards, 33, from Tongham.

She believes women in particular will take to the sport and encourages anyone to try korfball out.

Hayleigh says: “I’m really looking forward to the 2022/23 season. We were badly affected by covid last year, so we’re hoping to attract beginners and seasoned players to join us to strengthen our teams and our development squad.”

Talismanic top scorer Simon Pavey demonstrates that age is no barrier to being successful at the sport. Turning 38 this year, Simon popped 49 goals in all games in the 2021/22 season, helping Guildford Thunder’s first team to 6th in the league.

How to join

The Club trains every Thursdays and plays matches on Sundays. The players are a sociable bunch and are regularly seen at pubs, Creams or Unplug and Play after practice.

Email the club on to find out more about the free sessions offer. You can also follow their adventures on Instagram Facebook or online.

Check out the International Korfball Federation’s video to find out more about korfball