Historical grounds, theme parks and picturesque scenery are just some of the gems hidden in Surrey. Along with its proximity to London, these factors entice many individuals to relocate to Surrey.

Those residing in Surrey might have found a home with almost all the necessary amenities. The property is in the ideal location, close to good schools, good transport links, near their work, amongst many other things. However, the only issue might be the limited space their home has. Of course, there are many routes a homeowner can take to handle this issue. One option many take is moving to a bigger home. This might not be an option they want to consider. The other and more popular choice is to expand. Choosing this route does come with a few factors to consider.

Are you debating expanding your Surrey home? If so, here are a few questions worth asking yourself to help you decide.

How Much Will It Cost?
Starting with the obvious, ask yourself, how much will it cost to expand your home? The answer to this could influence your decision to move forward with the expansion. Understandably, expanding your home is worth the investment if you consider it your forever home. Depending on the cost, it might push the expansion plans back, allowing you time to save up to ensure the project can be completed to bring your vision to life.

Will It Increase The Property Value?
You might choose to move elsewhere in the future. If so, consider if the expansion will help to increase your property value. When debating the expansion, compare the costs and how much it could help increase the property’s value. Should the value increase the property, it might influence your decision to progress with the decision. Keep in mind that the value of the property could change to reflect the market. In the future, the value could increase, especially if your home is located in a highly desirable area. With the additional space created by the expansion, your home could be taken off the market as soon as it enters.

Who Will Complete The Building Work?
Expanding a house is a substantial project to undertake. The chances are high that you will have no experience in construction work. Investing in builders to complete the building work will help to reduce the risk of any structural issues that could be costly due to poor construction work. Use a site like MyBuilder to look into local builders and find builders near you to hire for the project. Compare the prices and reviews of the local builders to help narrow your search until you find the right one to complete the building work. With the right support, you can have your dream expansion plans turned into reality.

How Long Will It Take?
As mentioned, something to consider is whether or not you plan to move properties in the future or if this is your forever home. Expanding a property can take time, and if the timeline for completion is longer than hoped and you do not wish to stay in the property for that amount of time, your decision might change. Additionally, the time it takes to save for the expansion could influence your decision on whether to expand or not.

As you debate whether or not to expand, keep the above questions in mind. Use these and other tips on where to start with an expansion to help you with your final decision.