The British public has a newfound appreciation for their homes. In the past year, we’ve spent more time in our homes than we may have desired. However, the need to make our homes cleaner, more hygienic, and more comfortable has been rightly recognised.

If you’ve ever looked for some expert tips and tricks on how to best keep your house clean, you may have come across an onslaught of bubbly personalities teaching us the best way to hang our laundry and vacuum our floors on social media. Cleaning influencers, or cleanfluencers as they are also known, share their cleaning hacks online to show us the best way to clean. Their expertise is surely great, with personalities like Mrs Hinch crafting a full-time career around sharing their cleaning experience.

Here, we take a look at our favourite cleanfluencers and the top tips they share for keeping our homes looking their best.

Mrs Hinch

Sophie Hinchcliffe is popularly known as Mrs Hinch by her millions of followers on Instagram. Boasting her home and loving family across social media has helped launch a successful career as a personality and best-selling author. Her simple cleaning hacks have helped many keep their homes gleaming.

Mrs Hinch revealed that she uses scented tumble dryer sheets to wipe the dust away from her blinds. The reason for it is a clever one: “The reason I use tumble dryer sheets is because they’re anti-static, so they pick up all the dust. You don’t need to wet them or do anything.”

Afterwards, Hinch likes to finish her blinds off with a fragrant disinfectant to leaver a fresh scent around her windows.

Lynsey, Queen of Clean

It’s not just our homes that need a deep clean but the tools we use every day that deserve a thorough scrub every once in a while. Taking us to the kitchen, Lynsey (the self-proclaimed Queen of Clean) teaches us how to remove grime and burn stains from kitchen utensils.

Lynsey tells us: “Half a lemon and a dash of bicarb are enough to make your dirty frying pans sparkle and shine.”

While lemon is antibacterial, the bicarbonate of soda is good at drawing out stains and removing odours. The powder will also act as a small grit, scraping away hard-to-remove grime. This is better than using a scourer, which may scratch away at any protective lining your pots and pans have.

Melissa Maker

Melissa is an inspiring cleaner who runs the popular blog ‘Clean My Space’. From cleaning marathons to reviews of mops, there’s no shortage of advice on Melissa’s channels. She also has some great advice about what not to do when you’re vacuuming. It’s important to know the best way to clean, but this advice allows us to understand what bad habits we should avoid when giving the carpet a once over.

Melissa says: “Vacuuming is NOT a race and as much as I would like for my vacuuming to be over and done with as soon as possible, it’s really important to take your time.”

Instead, the Clean My Space influencer says she prefers to “slowly walk up and down my section until the job is done.”

You can use a powerful bagless vacuum cleaner to get the most out of your time, but it is best to take your time with your cleaning. This allows any dirt trapped between the carpet piles to be sucked away and helps to keep the carpet feeling plush.

Ellen O’Keeffe

Ellen is an aspiring cleanfluencer from the South East of Ireland, sharing tidy tips and lifestyle images of her home and family. As a busy mother to two boys, she reminds us that the best cleaning hacks are often the simplest.

Ellen says: “White vinegar has many non-food related uses. It is actually a staple in my cleaning press.”

She reminds us that a bottle costs very little and may be used as a sink and drain cleaner, for cleaning windows, and for wiping down mirrors. Vinegar has antibacterial properties and may be of use in the kitchen, where it can kill some food-borne pathogen bacteria. It’s also not as harsh as some cleaning solutions. Other organic detergents may also be used to combat any stains in your home. Organic detergents are minimally processed and usually derived from agricultural sources. Like vinegar, some of these utilise their natural cleaning abilities and can be used in the kitchen and other parts of your home with minimal risk.

A clean home can help us to relax and enjoy our living space. Cleanfluencers are ambassadors of this lifestyle, understanding that achieving a tidy home shouldn’t take so much effort. Using the right tools correctly is essential for good housekeeping. The tips and tricks that the likes of Mrs Hinch and Melissa Maker share on social media can help us reach those tidy goals.