Charlie’s Promise is a new charity launched by Martin and Tara Cosser from Milford following the death of their 17 year old son Charlie in 2023 after he was stabbed four times. VantagePoint featured them in our Godalming issue in April and the original article is reprinted below.

On Tuesday 23rd April, I was invited along to the official launch, kindly hosted by Wimbledon AFC. Martin spoke of his son’s death and the impact it had had on him, his wife, his other children and the whole family, plus of course friends of Charlie, who were there in large numbers to support the family and pay tribute to their mate. It was a difficult listen but Martin hopes to turn this tragedy into a positive campaign to fight against knife crime by raising awareness of the dangers and the immeasurable impacts of both carrying and using a knife.

Sadly, knife crime is increasing and Charie’s Promise is on a mission to help make this stop. They need donations of course but will aslo welcome volunteers to help them. Please visit the website below to find out more. Stefan Reynolds

To donate money, please visit

Our April article

Charlie Cosser was 17 years old when he was stabbed multiple times at a party in July 2023. His father Martin made a promise to Charlie, who lost his life in hospital a short time later…

“The charity Charlie’s Promise we are launching has been born out of a promise I made to my son Charlie who at the time was fighting for his life in hospital,” said Martin Cosser. “I made him the promise that I would educate young groups of people about the pain and impact of knife crime.

“As a family we were in complete shellshock at what was going on. Having to switch-off the life-support machine for our 17-year-old. It was just unimaginable. The pain. I just can’t put it into words.”

Martin emphasised the enormous impact that such an extreme and very personal situation has on the whole family involved. Their everyday lives are shattered.

“And please understand it’s not just about money – when you’ve got other children who are financially dependent, you’ve got a mortgage to pay, and you can’t even comprehend going back to work because of the trauma you are going through – how on earth do you survive? We would like the charity to be able to help and support other people. Both financially and emotionally.”

“The unity and support from our local community has been incredible, and has spread out into surrounding areas. We’ve raised over £21,000 already.”

The charity has now undergone its registration process (charity number 1207246) with the aim of launching Charlie’s Promise in April, when they will be able to formalise their objectives and set up the team to deliver in on these. They will then also launch their website to provide all the details.

“This charity is so important – knife crime is getting worse and worse,” Martin emphasised. “It is up 19% year on year. And what is appalling is that some manufacturers are branding knives to be more appealing to youngsters. And youngsters are feeling that they are having to carry them for their own protection. But the reality is that they are 65% more likely to be killed by their own knife they are carrying for their protection.”

Martin has started visiting local schools to spread the message and raise awareness directly to young people. Charlie’s friends have also been keen to become involved.

“They have been directly really affected by the loss of Charlie and help steer on the message to young people. I hear from his friends all the time. We have a memorial bench they go to and where they’ve laid flowers and you can see just how much they’ve been affected.”