The National Garden Scheme opens over 3,500 private gardens to the public each year. Most visitors are familiar with the gardens that open their gates to everyone on set days, many also open By Arrangement and some open only By Arrangement.

These wonderful, often hidden gems are really worth exploring especially if you are keen to return to a garden you love, perhaps missed a public open day or simply want to explore somewhere completely unchartered. By Arrangement gardens cater for different group sizes from as few as one to 20+, it all depends on the size and accessibility of the garden, some have fixed prices for entry others are agreed in discussion with the garden owner.

“Booking a By Arrangement Garden visit with the National Garden Scheme was a joy. I spoke directly with the garden owner to arrange a time that suited us both and was able to treat mum, family and friends to a really special day out in a garden open just for us!” Garden visitor.

A few questions answered about By Arrangement gardens

What is a By Arrangement Garden?
A garden open By Arrangement accepts visitors to their garden for a more personalised visit, on a pre-agreed date. Usually, the garden will advertise a range of dates available that they are willing to open so that visitors can decide on the most suitable option for them. This can often be a wide date range, for example March-October, so there are plenty of opportunities to find a date to suit you and your group or family and friends.

What are the benefits of booking a visit in advance?
Booking a By Arrangement Garden gives you direct contact with the garden owner, allowing you to liaise on everything from convenient times and dates, to what you’ll see and do once you’re there.

Why choose By Arrangement?
Did you miss an open day or perhaps you would like to bring your family back for a special occasion?  Contact any garden offering By Arrangement visits to discuss options.

Booking your By Arrangement visit
Surrey Gardens and West Sussex gardens opening in 2024 are available to view on the National Garden Scheme Website or on the following links

From the garden information page you will find the garden owner’s contact details. They are waiting to hear from you and will be delighted to help you create the perfect visit. The garden owner will confirm all the details and whether they require a deposit/full payment ahead of the visit.

As with all garden visits organised through the National Garden Scheme, By Arrangement visits support our nursing and health beneficiaries. You can also browse Country wide By Arrangement gardens by picking up a copy of the Sussex National Garden Scheme Handbook 2023, available in many local outlets or on the National Garden Scheme website     ..                     

Enjoy your garden visit!

Photo Credit Fittleworth House Judi Lion