On the spot where the record was set, Brooklands.
L-R: Perry Barwick, Ian Dabney, Andrew Howe-Davies, John Warr, Mark Fielder, Gareth Pemberton and Martin Gegg

On 28th April 2021, members of the Brooklands Museum Motorcycle Team at Brooklands Museum commemorated the centenary of the first motorcycle to reach 100mph on British soil, and the first motorcycle to reach 100mph at Brooklands Race Circuit in Surrey.

Ahead of the anniversary, the team assembled on the Railway Straight of the original track, which is now part of Mercedes Benz World, together with two vintage bikes representing the Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles that took part in the duel to be the first to 100mph.

Brooklands is home to many world-firsts, including the world’s first motor-racing circuit, three World Land Speed Records, and the first two British Grands Prix.

Douglas H Davidson on his Harley Davidson Bike after setting 100mph record in 1921

Motorcycle Team volunteer, Martin Gegg had the idea of commemorating the event whilst he was researching the event for an article in the Brooklands Members’ magazine. Martin said:

“I was on the edge of my seat reading the various accounts of this epic battle for the title and was determined to commemorate these brave motorcycle pioneers. We’ve managed to get a 1917 Indian Powerplus 1000cc (owned by Andrew Howe-Davies) and a 1920s Harley Davidson C10 sport (owned by John Warr) together to recreate the moment Douglas H Davidson set the 100mph on a motorcycle record, here on the Railway Straight at Brooklands 100 years ago. Of course, these bikes are very old now, so we are unable to ride them, but just seeing them here , where the record was set is very evocative.”

Claude Temple on a Harley Davidson at Brooklands

Bert le Vack a Harley on an Indian at Brooklands

Visitors can see the collection of Motorcycles alongside the motorsport and aircraft collections at Brooklands Museum now. Tickets and booking information available from www.brooklandsmuseum.com.

About Brooklands Museum
Brooklands Museum is the largest museum in Surrey, occupying 32 acres on the site of the world’s first motor racing circuit, which opened in Weybridge, Surrey in 1907. It showcases the achievements of the pioneering men and women in motorsport and aviation since its creation. The famous Race Track and the huge aviation manufacturing factories made it a household name for much of the twentieth century.

Since opening as a public Museum in 1991 it has continued to grow its collection of aircraft, racing bikes and cars as well as opening the award-winning Brooklands Aircraft Factory and the only Concorde with public access in South East England. With displays in original buildings, motoring and aviation events and an extensive learning programme for schools and colleges, the past is brought to life again for over 185,000 visitors a year.

In 2021, Brooklands Museum celebrates 30 years of being open to the public as a Museum and also became the subject of a dedicated television programme, Secrets of the Transport Museum. VantagePoint donated the Napier Railton weather vane which sits stop the ticket office.