For every petrol head, there will come a time when the thought of owning the latest and greatest modern motor is simply not good enough. Modern cars might have all the technological bells and whistles but there’s something undeniably magic about classic cars that gets to us all eventually. If you’ve only just started to think about joining the classic car club though, there’s a lot to learn. Let’s start with the basics – finding your perfect first classic.

Choosing the Right Classic Car
Start with your personal preferences. Consider what appeals to you most about classic cars. Is it the cars of the 1950s, the muscle power of 1960s American cars, or perhaps the quirky charm of vintage British roadsters? Knowing your preferences in terms of makes, models, and eras will narrow down your choices.

Of course, half of that is knowing your classic car history and online forums, books, and classic car magazines are invaluable for understanding the pros and cons of different models. Don’t just look for the ones that look pretty either, look into the availability of parts, ease of maintenance, and overall reliability too. Oh, and set a realistic budget! Remember, classic cars are not only expensive to buy and maintain but to insure too!

Essential Maintenance and Care
Classic cars require special care to maintain their value and functionality. They benefit from a little extra love and attention than you might give your average family motor. Regular inspections are mandatory and be sure to schedule routine tune-ups and oil changes to keep the engine in good health. Whenever possible, also try to use only original or high-quality reproduction parts for repairs. This maintains the authenticity of your classic car and can prevent future mechanical issues.

Investing in specialized insurance for classic cars is crucial too. These policies cater to the unique needs of vintage vehicles, offering benefits like agreed value insurance and coverage for temporary periods, such as when transporting the car to events. If you’re only considering using your classic car occasionally, meanwhile consider looking into temp insurance options. This type of insurance can provide coverage for short-term use, ensuring that your vehicle is protected without committing to a full-time policy.

Participating in the Classic Car Community
One of the great joys of classic cars ownership is the incredible community of like-minded individuals you’ll soon find yourself socializing with on a regular basis. Membership in a classic car club can provide valuable connections and insights. These clubs often organize events, shows, and meet-ups where you can share your passion with like-minded individuals and learn from more experienced owners.

Classic car shows and events are fantastic opportunities to not only show off your vehicle and meet new people but learn something about your hobby. These gatherings often offer workshops and seminars on various aspects of classic car ownership. Not only that, but you might end up finding the next classic car of your dreams!

One local event worth entering is the GUTS Motor Tour. Find out more here.