Looking after your tyres is car care, because having ‘healthy’ tyres is a good start when it comes to having a ‘healthy’ car! However, even the most stringent tyre care will eventually not be enough and you will have to invest in a new set of tyres on which to lavish your time and attention! If you are someone who prefers frequent road trips around the UK, be it from Godalminng to London or even a longer route towards Scotland; having proper tyre and car health has to be your main priority too.

Let’s take a look at five reasons how tyre care can improve your car’s overall health.

Reduced Vibration
Moving parts vibrate – this is scientific fact. But in a vehicle, engineers and mechanics work hard to reduce the vibration of the moving parts until they are barely discernible. And tyres have a part to play here. Good quality tyres deaden the movement of the car over the road, offering you a smooth and comfortable ride. But that is not the primary purpose of the tyres’ vibration reduction – instead it is to reduce the impact of the road on the car’s various parts which could otherwise literally be shaken to pieces.

Reduced Wear and Tear
Reduced wear and tear on the car is tied into the vibration reduction, but good tyres, well-aligned and properly balanced, can actively work with the vibration reduction qualities to maintain the integrity of the various car parts, moving and otherwise. A slightly misaligned tyre will sit unevenly on the axle, wearing both the axle and the wheel the tyre is fitted to; and this extra torque can be transmitted through other car parts – the brake system, the suspension and so on. Left unchecked excess wear and tear can see your vehicle breaking down far sooner than it otherwise would. In case you have arrived in localities like Dundee, Glasgow, Stirling or Aberdeen and you are looking for budget tyres or the latest tyres in Stirling from big brands; Fife Autocentre has the tyre for you.

Early Damage Control
Taking care of your tyres usually involves regularly checking out the vehicle and this simple task is possibly the most important act of maintenance that any driver can perform. This is because it allows you to very quickly notice any changes to your tyre: bulges or dimples in the sidewall; missing chunks or loose strips of rubber coming away from the body of the tyre; the dark spots and dints that can be the subtle sign of a puncture – and act upon them by getting your car (or even just the tyre) to your mechanic for a once-over.

Smoother Drive Earns Goodwill
This may sound a little psychological – and that is because it is all about psychology! If you look after your car well, you will feel more kindly disposed towards it! Some may scoff – indeed, you may – but do give it a go. See if taking care of your vehicle becomes a pleasure in its own right, thereby enabling you to actively enjoy taking care of your car and its tyres – and thereby get to enjoy the pleasure of driving a beautifully maintained car every day too!

Good General Maintenance
Just as you should go for a check-up with the doctor every now and then, your car will benefit from regular servicing and the habit of good maintenance. This includes everything from washing your car, to checking it over visually every fortnight or so, to learning how to check the spark plugs, top off the battery and radiator and generally keep your car in great condition. If you are struggling to make this a habit, you can begin by just checking out the tyres as they are often the first indication that something is going wrong. Tyres worn more on one side than the other? Suspension, perhaps. Sluggish response from the brakes when turning? The steering might be having issues. The ride just doesn’t feel right as though the tyres are sending alerts to your hands via the steering wheel? It could be one of any number of problems – but what you must do is listen to your tyres and get your car checked over before the part fails on you completely!