Leaving school is a huge life event. It can be simultaneously exciting and intimidating, it leaves you free to forge your own way in the world, but can be overwhelming in the face of so many options and possibilities.

When trying to decide on a career path to follow, it can be difficult to know where to begin. We’re here to help you out and have put together a list of five amazing career ideas for school leavers. Check it out below.

Personal Trainer
As health and fitness become ever more important, personal trainers are in increasingly high demand. If you are a fan of sports and physical activity, becoming a personal trainer can be a fantastic decision and can give you the opportunity to make a living from something that you’re passionate about.

If you have left school and have no plans to attend university or college, don’t worry, becoming a personal trainer doesn’t necessarily require a degree. However, you will need to obtain the correct qualifications to allow you to train clients. Study Active have a range of qualifications designed for new personal trainers, so check them out and begin your new career.

The hospitality industry is enormous, employing upwards of 2.4 million people across accommodation and restaurant businesses. For a school leaver, hospitality can be a fantastic industry to get into, there are few barriers to entry, and there is potential to quickly rise to management level.

The type of hospitality job you go for will depend entirely on your skills and your personal preferences. If you cope well in high-pressure situations and are comfortable working long hours, a chef could be the perfect role for you. If you are a people-person who is highly organised, you could look into hotel management.

Emergency Services
Our emergency services, such as the police, fire brigade, and ambulance crews, serve a vital role in society. They are there for people when they are in need of help, and are at the frontline during emergency situations.

If you love helping people and cope well under pressure, a career in the emergency services could be the perfect career choice. While you don’t necessarily need a degree, you will likely have to pass a series of tests as part of the application process, so it’s essential that you do your research ahead of time.

Estate Agent
Estate agents sell or rent out property, both domestic and commercial. This can be an excellent choice for school leavers looking for a career. Estate agents need to be good communicators with excellent interpersonal skills, you need to be able to convey information in a clear and concise way to help convince someone to make a purchase.

While you don’t need a degree to become an estate agent, specialized estate agent training courses can give you a foundation of knowledge and experience that will prove invaluable later on.

Train Driver
Becoming a train driver can be an excellent choice, and a potentially lucrative one, with train drivers often earning upwards of £60,000 per year. If you want to become a train driver, you need to be a responsible person who can quickly pick up and learn new systems and technologies. You’ll need to undergo extensive training to prepare you for the responsibility of driving a train.

Given the potential for such high earnings, it will come as no surprise to learn that train driving is a highly competitive field, so you’ll need to ensure your application stands out from the crowd.

Leaving school and unsure what to do? Use this guide to choose the perfect career as you leave education behind.