No matter whether you choose to holiday in tranquil Godalming in Surrey which is a historic town with plenty of stately homes and long country walks to enjoy or London, the UK’s thriving and bustling capital metropolis which is packed with plenty of activities to try out and one-of-a-kind places to see, your car will almost always benefit from a service before you set off.

Here are five good reasons why this is the case.

Peace of Mind
The first benefit of having your car serviced before your holiday trip is to your own mental health. Knowing that your car is in the best possible condition means that you can relax into ‘holiday mode’ and get ready to enjoy your holiday, shedding not only work worries, but also any concerns about the vehicle and getting out and about as planned. If your car is due a service before you head off to explore the country, you can avail professional car servicing in London at DAT Tyres.

Keeps You (and Others) Safe
Regular servicing ensures that your car is in good condition: and this means that you – and other road users – will be safer too. It is a logical thought: the better condition cars are in, the fewer of them will break down on the road – and the possibility of accidents occurring due to breakdowns is also averted. So if you are fretting about whether a service is worth the time and money before your trip, reassure yourself that not only will you be keeping your own peace of mind, but you will be actively working to potentially save the lives of your family and loved ones, but also those of strangers.

Keeps You Legally Compliant
The annual MOT test is a driver’s proof of their car’s roadworthiness – but it is a minimal state that every car should always be able to meet, and having regular services makes sure that your car will always meet the legal roadworthiness standards. So whether your MOT is almost due or not yet needed for a couple of years, having a service before you set off on holiday means that any police checks on the condition of cars on the road – as happen from time to time – will wave you through without a murmur.

Solve Problems Before They Disrupt the Trip
Sometimes vehicles can begin to degrade in subtle ways that are not noticed for quite a long time. But this does not mean that you can drive for an infinite amount of time before the car breaks down – once a problem begins it will worsen over time, more so when the vehicle is in use – so it is definitely better to go for a precautionary service to head off these small problems, fixing them before they have the chance to escalate.

Improves Performance
Having a service is good for your vehicle as well as for your nerves – and it can even be good for your wallet too. Having your car freshly serviced means that you will reach your destination quicker, using less fuel during the drive and incurring less wear and tear as you go – all of which saves you money in the long run.

These are just five benefits of having your car serviced before you set off on a holiday trip in the UK: and each one of them is an excellent reason, so book your service for the week before your holiday so that you can enjoy all of them – and more!