Zoe bio

Zoe is instantly distinctive on the phone, being the only member of the Vantage Team to pronounce “Vantage” with a northern flat ‘a’. Hailing from Yorkshire, Northumberland and many years both studying and working in Glasgow, she’s still not lost the giveaway vowel, despite having lived in leafy south west Surrey since 1999.

A keen forager for over 20 years, Zoe loves getting out in the countryside exploring the wonderfully bountiful counties of Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire. She also enjoys informing and educating interested parties whilst leading small group walks in the area.

Zoe has also been involved with Godalming Operatic Society since 2011, both performing on stage and being involved as a member of the Committee as Press Officer for the Society. Just 3 more operettas to go before she can tick off the entire Gilbert & Sullivan canon!