Marcus bio

Marcus was born in Bristol in 1969, has a younger brother who now lives in New Zealand; but believes it’s nothing personal. He spent a few years of his early childhood in the 1970s with his parents in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as his father was a Civil Engineer, and this opened his eyes at an early age to travel.

On returning to the UK he went to school in Bristol, and then on to Southampton University to study Geography. He started his career proper in the paper trade, firstly in marketing and then in sales.

Marcus is a family man and lives in Godalming, has 4 grown up children, two daughters and two sons, whom he adores and is extremely proud of.

Marcus first became friends with Stefan back in the early 1990s. Marcus and Stefan’s friendship developed as they had a common interest as are both huge petrolheads. Marcus started working with Stefan at Vantage Publishing back in 2009, so more than 14 years now. He loves meeting such a huge variety of local business owners, running a myriad of types of businesses, and loves the fact that our publications make a real positive difference to the community and to local people’s lives.